Did you know? That there are many psychiatric disorders associated with CELIAC DISEASE, including depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, ADHD, autism and eating disorders?

"Neurological and psychiatric issues may be the prime presentations for people with GLUTEN SENSITIVITY and because this issues is largely unknown or unrecognised by the general medical profession, it can easily go untreated," says Monique, a clinical psychologist.  In her article, "Gluten and Mental Health", Monique shares what she learned about the link between Celiac disease (where the immune system reacts abnormally to gluten) and mental disorders.

Monique's mission is to help people bring positive changes into their lives by combining psychology and nutrition.  "I now have a strong focus on gut health because there are so many links between poor gut health and inflammation in the body and a huge range of mental health issues. Our minds and our bodies work as one and if we can achieve a healthy, well functioning body our minds will be able to heal more easily."

"There have been many studies that have looked at the effects of gluten and casein free diets in schizophrenia, autism, anxiety disorders, depression and ADHD. Most of the latter disorders have been studied in the context of coeliac disease however several studies show a significant improvement in symptoms after following a gluten free diet. There are also many case studies documenting outstanding results and remission of symptoms after following a gluten and casein free diet in individuals with schizophrenia and autism.  There are several theories as to why gluten or casein cause or trigger these mental health issues in susceptible people..."   Read the complete article  

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Monique is a clinical psychologist in Australia and mum of 3 gorgeous children.  She has received a post graduate diploma in nutritional medicine for mental health. Find more online at