At Fresh Ingredients, our goal is to raise awareness on an individual and social level, through education, awareness, and parent participation.  Ask most kids and they'll probably want candy and soda for lunch.  Giving in to such requests only leads to a lifetime of poor eating habits, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, dental problems and other physical ailments.  It also attributes to ADHD and other mental disorders.

Parents... keep a food journal for the kids for a week and see what they're eating.  Then look for ways to eliminate unhealthy choices and replace with smart (but tasty) choices.  

Find delicious and wholesome menu and snack ideas here (coming soon).

If your school does not provide proper nutritional menus, start a petition and insist that school cafeterias offer healthier choices.  Ask them to post the menu online.

School administrators... evaluate school menus and seek out better choices.  

See these sample cafeteria scorecards.


More information and resources coming soon!